At present, in western Catalonia, Vallpalou is the most prominent artist where she works most on is in the creative silence of her workshop. She is the most fruitful. The things –and things happened– she has to say in terms of expressive language, pictorial and plastic. She is the one who most refines and distils everything she does. What she has best distilled is a serious, convincing, own, compact poetry. She is the best to swim against the current. She is the one who can stay out and above everything with the more personality. No doubt, she is the one who stays the furthest from the ‘Plaça de Sant Jaume de Barcelona’. The loneliest and perhaps the most unknown. But also the soberest, the freest and most authentic in the country.

Again, Vallpalou is today by far the most prominent artist of Western Catalonia.

Artist to her roots, she is all made of an unpredictable dose of ‘manus et ingenium’, Vallpalou operates with extraordinary creative freedom, difficult to qualify and liken; unimaginable. Sign, gesture, ductus, dense matter and yet liquid, transparent, mixed, manipulated, dripping, brushes and utensils of all kinds intertwine and come together in the tireless –and impossible to bribe– original mind of this Catalan artist, who almost always ends her work with a chromatic explosions and metamorphosis and gnaws matter to the bone till achieving an unsuspected plastic skin.

Vallpalou always operates with some entirely surprising and unsuspecting chromaticism, unusual and very personal; each of her works, made and remade, reincarnated, it ends up being, by force, a unicum.

Vallpalou is not at all linear or conventional. Difficult to elucidate. Fortunately.

Vallpalou, what is more, also rebels, day by day, minute by minute, against the known. And enters full of courage, day by day, minute by minute, against the mystery. You need to explore the unknown. You need to do and undo what is done to return to facere, to return to ingenerare. This is the greatness of Vallpalou: make and unmake to do again and provide new flesh to her own work, all that this artist, unequalled, day by day, produces and represents.

Often, this Vallpalou manages with just a small touch of colour or small gestural lines… but also, –and this is another great distinguishing feature of her boundless creativity–, can achieve by building material silence and more extraordinary conceptual –and adult– currently taking place in the creative scene in Catalonia.

Silences that creates stupefaction, silences that makes you cringe, material and conceptual silences, silences of a magical aesthetic eloquence, never felt before. Something that today in my country, is only available at the hands –and the ability to think– of a few privileged artists; Vallpalou is one of these privileged artists; almost deific.

I can assure you: we will take a long time to find, in my country, artists like Vallpalou.

Anyway, what I have said and I emphasize here again, right now, Vallpalou is the most prominent artist of Western Catalonia.

Ximo Company
June 2016